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well, it was nice knowing you all.

thanks to a multitude of environmental changes and various shady genetically-pesticidal and sterile plants paid for and developed by certain companies starting with the letter M, the bees will probably die, one hive at a time, due to a thing called Colony Collapse Disorder.…

bee's, being the primary pollinators of our own agricultural system, are kind of something we need to not starve.

to liven the mood a bit, let me tell you about my dad, whose appetite is colorful, and his flatulence, directly into the futon i sometimes pass out on.

*            *                *
so my dad won't stop beefing into my futon.

*           *                   *
        *             *             *
 *           *                 *

that's the story. anyways, we're all fucking dying. no other side complaints besides that one.
i have none. i'm either staring at my facebook page of misc ink sketches (not linking it; figure it out yourself) or injecting my lungs with pot vapor on a regular basis. Yeah, i can actually talk to people now, but now it seems i need to strap on my job helmet, squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into "It's Always Sunny" references but with sexy real life me also screaming.

i've been drawing non-fucking-stop, laying the labor every day, working out the intuition for perspective and spacial construction piece by piece, with only brief glimpses as to what i want my weird-ass robots to look like in the future.

to 90% of peeps i've shown it to irl, it just looks like the same robots with slightly less hit-or-miss limbs n shit.  makes me sad thinking about it. shit.

of course, i've hated mostly everything i've drawn since my last job 6 months ago. with my tablet broken for most of this year, it's just been old pens on paper pads too worn for my mom's office. They're improving, but it's still a longshot. i still feel like i need to draw at least an hour a day, but i no longer feel my old sweeping realizations of aesthetic. i just scratch it out like dandruff now.

anyways, i'm getting a fucking job because drawing sucks a little now, and it'll be a while before i draw digital for DA. In the meantime, i'll just keep trying to mix up my freaky robots on my page with old-ass pens.
 swiggity swag: :icontealdeerplz: lick my bag.
goddamn DA has changed, yet here ya'll are, with me saying ya'll like i was raised in a bumfuck town or something.

anyways, i got lit, so here i am. complaining. about you.

yes; i cared about all ya'll from the start. from the comedic relief trolls in complaints to the idiots everywhere else, and even the few special shits i recognize and re-encounter over the years.

yes, even you Prosaix, in whatever corporal state or account name ya'll under now.

anyways, i'm complaining about ya'll still being here because ya'll ain't getting your sunshine and vitamin d out there in the real world. Listen to your mum, quit your fuss, and use your time to conquer the world. or get a hobby.

you can do it. i believe in ya'll.

:icontealdeerplz: : Ya'll still complaining and ya need to get up, stand up, don't give up the fight. Ya'll.
Old Spice's Wolfthorn; that's what i read when bustling down the aisle.

i was rushing my groceries because fuck pants, and i quickly remember that i needed something to not smell like summer-roasted fleshy bits. enter Old Spice's Wolfthorn.

now, call me sexist, but i was raised in a world where male deodorant has features that make it "male". smell, branding, whatever. point was, having no time to stop and smell (i did but i wasnt trying to wait in an ever-growing hot link of a grocery line in california summer weather), i picked what i thought would be unambiguously manly and hopefully male-ish scented deodorant; the one with the fucking wolf on it.

fucking Wolfthorn; i opened you up 30 minutes later at home, and you literally smelled like fruity body spray and Flintstones vitamins.

stupidest thing was that i gave my older brother what i thought would be the gayest one ("Bearglove" lmao), and it was the most normal smelling one of the two.

so yeah; now i smell pretty :icongaysealplz:


my hands are soft
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